preparing openvz container for using glusterfs

Just collected all wiki’s, forum’s and mail list’s tips and recommendations in one place.

  • Install and load fuse module on VE0 (HN)
  • After loading module into the kernel:
vzctl set  $VEID --devices c:10:229:rw --save
vzctl exec $VEID mknod /dev/fuse c 10 229
vzctl set  $VEID --capability sys_admin:on
  • OBLIGATORY restart the VE container (need to update /proc/filesystems)
vzctl restart $VEID
  • Try next command to ensure everything is OK
vzctl exec $VEID cat /proc/filesystems | grep fuse

# output must be
nodev	fusectl
nodev	fuse
  • Install glusterfs in the VE container
sudo aptitude install ~nglusterfs* # for Debian based distributions